Why We Do What We Do

Buying Local.

We primarily set up Saltmarsh Food and Drink because, following the Covid-19 pandemic, so many of our local food and drink producers along the Saltmarsh Coast suffered significantly due to the closure of restaurants, pubs and the many hospitality events in the area. It is not easy for them to replace these sales by getting listed in the national supermarkets, so we decided that we could bring all the great products from the region together and offer them to consumers through an online delivery “one stop shop” service. We are now proud to have over 450 product lines from nearly 50 suppliers.


Quality Essex Food delivered to your home.

Our objective is to supply these products to your doorstep at supermarket prices and be as efficient as the national outlets’ delivery service. Our difference will be that these products will only be sourced from local businesses. Many economists forecast that spending your money locally keeps it in the local economy by three times, improving local job opportunities, supporting communities and helping develop public infrastructure (such as schools, roads and libraries). It also has the benefit of reducing significantly food miles often related to so many foodstuffs, thereby helping us to make a conscious decision to reduce our carbon footprint (our next purchase will be an electric van!!).

We shall also be contributing to the food security issue, which means that we are less dependent on other countries supplying our needs (https://www.nationalfoodstrategy.org).



Meat with high animal welfare standards.

With many years’ experience in the food industry, we are “foodies” at heart and want to inspire you with the many fantastic local food and drink products. We also strongly believe that we should be sourcing only products that are ethically and sustainably produced and believe that the resulting taste (for a small premium) makes all the difference!!

In the case of animals, we insist that animals are given plenty of space and fresh air, and are raised in conditions that suit their natural behaviour. We are particularly excited to be offering products from Lauriston Farm which is a social farming business, not only producing organic products abut also employ people with learning disabilities to grow veg, raise cattle, chickens and sheep, and look after wildlife.

The company is a Community Interest Company which means it is a ‘not for profit’ enterprise with the aim of channelling financial surpluses towards good local causes. Our longer-term aspiration is to support an initiative to support innovation in the industry, creating both jobs and apprenticeships for local people.

Please have a good look at our website. There are many interesting products which you won’t necessarily find in your local supermarket. However, if you do know of a local product which is not listed here, don’t hesitate to ask and we shall endeavour to get it listed and have it at your doorstep with your next order!!


The Team:

Charlie Fillingham

Having worked in the food industry for nearly 40 years, Charlie has worked for a number of food and farming businesses, supplying both the retail multiples and hospitality sectors. Exercising his black lab Willow daily is the only reason why he hasn’t died of over consumption!! Favourite food is steak and ale pie.


Nigel Richardson

Nigel is the owner of Secret Hamper (www.secrethamper.com). A passion for food, drink and all things local, he has brought us together to manage Saltmarsh Deli. Secret Hamper prides itself on generating funds for good causes through the sale of hampers.  Favourite food is a traditional Sunday roast.


Ginny Collins

Ginny has been a great addition to the team, helping us focus on increasing the product range and improving our ability to communicate with customers. Ginny is a true “foodie” and has succeeded in ensuring that we don’t just focus on more “beer and sausages”. Favourite food…….chicken liver parfait and fresh asparagus.

Chief Taster

Willow has never turned down a chance to taste anything. Being highly principled, she was taught never to leave anything on her plate. Favourite food is whatever is available in the cupboard. Willow has perfected the art of sleeping and never hogs the remote.