St Helena – Semi Soft Cheese – about 300g (cut & wrapped)

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Product Characteristics:
It is a round, disc shape of approximately 20-22cm in diameter weighing between 1 – 1.5kg. St.Helena has a brine washed rind and develops various moulds but is predominantly coloured with an orange, pink blush with traces of an edible blue mould. This cheese is made using animal rennet.

Body & Texture:
St.Helena has a pliable texture with a consistent breakdown throughout the body of the paste which sometimes displays small holes. The firm, thin rind is an integral part of the cheese to be eaten as a whole with the fudge like paste.

The cheese can eaten from 4 weeks onwards as young cheese with milder, fresh, grassy flavours. The Use By date is currently set at 12 weeks old but we are working on extending this. As St.Helena matures the flavours will become more complex exhibiting more nutty and farmyard notes.

1 review for St Helena – Semi Soft Cheese – about 300g (cut & wrapped)

  1. alilouise2 (verified owner)

    Despite the limited information about this cheese we gave it a try and so glad- a new favourite

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