St Jude Soft Cheese – 100g (whole)


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Product Characteristics:
A small disc shaped cheese of around 100g, not less than 95g. It has a wrinkled, geotrichum candidum mould ripened rind, usually manifested as a white/cream colour and sometimes has patches of natural, edible blue mould. This is a lactic style cheese made from the milk of one designated farm (and made on the same premises) in Suffolk.

Body & Texture:
When at room temperature it is easy to cut, displaying some breakdown around the rind and with a soft paste. Occasionally the cheese can be firmer according to the season. As this is a more lactic style cheese the breakdown will not be completely like a rennet based cheese.

St.Jude can be eaten from 10 days old when it will be fresher tasting with a gentle lemony acidity. From 2-3 weeks old the cheese will have broken down more with creamier more complex flavours developing. These flavours include hints of savoury, vegetal even grassy and farmyard notes in the summer & more buttery in the winter. Over 3 weeks old and these flavours strengthen and become complex.

End of Shelf Life:
The suggested end of shelf life is 6-7 weeks as after this it is felt that the taste of the product is probably too strong for the majority of customers. However, if the cheese is kept in the correct conditions the microbiological standards are not compromised, this cheese has been tested at 8 weeks old and still had no pathogens detected.


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