St Cera Soft Cheese – 100g (whole)


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Product Characteristics:
St.Cera is the washed rind version of St.Jude and so is made exactly the same way and only when the cheese is around 5 days old is it selected to have the rind washed in a salt solution. This changes the ripening environment and so the cheese has a slightly different trajectory through the same ripening rooms as St.Jude. This means that it has can have a orange/pink colouring on the wrinkled surface. This cheese has a more gooey texture and is ready to be eaten straight from the box.

Body & Texture:
At room temperature the paste varies from soft to a well broken down, even runny. Certainly softer than St.Jude.

This cheese has a stronger flavour than St.Jude varying from a warm, medium strength to quite robust. The flavours are less vegetal and more farmyardy, varying from cobnut flavours to quite meaty.

End of Shelf Life:
The suggested end of shelf life is 6-7 weeks as after this it is felt that the taste of the product is probably too strong for the majority of customers. However, if the cheese is kept in the correct conditions the microbiological standards are not compromised, this cheese has been tested at 8 weeks old and still had no pathogens detected.


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