By bringing food and drink suppliers to you under one platform, we hope that you will be able to get a picture just how significant this industry is to the Essex & Suffolk coastal area and beyond.

The food and drink industry is a significant employer in the region, and provides thousands of job opportunities in all sorts of fields. As primary producers, farmers have a key role in supplying the upstream food and drink industry up and down the Country. However, there is no shortage of local “secondary producers” (food and drink processors) who have worked really hard to grow over the years.

Achieving listings in the major supermarkets is always a challenge for a supplier. You often have to be either very large and compete on price, or just possess a very strong brand. So, while we are really pleased to list a comprehensive range of products from fantastic brands such as Wilkin & Sons and Maldon Salt (both being global brands), we are equally excited to show you the businesses which don’t make your local supermarket shelf but still distinguish themselves in many other food sectors.

What you will find listed at Saltmarsh Deli are businesses which win on a combination of taste, innovation, and a strong belief that we should factor a more sustainable and ethical stance to the way we source foodstuffs and treat our animals. Supermarkets demand suppliers to put price as their first priority but, as we know, taste and ethics are somewhat compromised. The restaurant industry is however much more focused on taste, and many of our local businesses have succeeded in supplying the important London restaurant trade with top quality food and drink sourced in an ethical manner. For example, we do hope that you will enjoy the meat products from our suppliers Wicks Manor, Direct Meats, and Ben Rigby, who believe that treating animals in an ethical and sustainable way brings the additional benefit of great flavour. They all hand butcher to restaurant specifications and, where necessary, mature products in dry ageing chambers.

We also have a strong emphasis on supporting our customers looking for convenience in cooking. We have some fantastic producers (Dan Hull, Stuffd), who have to date focused on meal preparation for the catering industry and smaller retail outlets. We hope you will choose some of the fantastic pies, pastries, pizzas and deserts that are available that will lighten your load, if you wish to have a “night off” from cooking. There are over 25 fresh bread products from Blackberry Bakery (using wheat grown from the famous Dengie peninsula), which will be baked overnight and delivered to your doorstep the following day.

When it comes to taste, we want coffee and tea lovers to try high quality coffee and tea to choose our 3 Years Late (coffee) and Novus (tea) products. Both these suppliers have produce extremely high quality and responsibly sourced products. Our “fave” is 3 Years Late coffee where the beans are roasted on a week or so before you receive the grind (the flavour is amazing!!). Novus Tea produce a fantastic range and you should explore some new flavours!!

Innovation runs a little riot with many producers. Over 30,000 products try to come to retail market annually, which means that many never make it. Hence, it is no surprise that producers focus on other channels. The sweet and snack industry is no exception and we urge you to taste some of the exciting flavours from Temprd Chocolates (our favourite is Caramel Apple Crumble), great crisps from Fairfield (try the Kelly Bronze!!), and off the wall flavours from Retro Corn. Culinary experts will also love the terrific products from Essex Garden Foods (top range of mayonnaise), Foraging Fox (Beetroot Ketchup!!), and Hill Farm (they have a wonderful project supporting bees!). Watch this space as we will be launching some new products soon.

With a burgeoning micro-brewery industry, we are really pleased to offer over 20 beers, all from brewers up and down the Coast. Don’t forget to give locally produced wine a taste too. . The Crouch Valley boasts some of the best climactic and soil conditions in northern Europe, and we are confident that the area will continue to win the accolades of producing extremely high-quality wine in the not-too-distant future. We are also pleased to stock a selection of exceptionally flavoured coastal gins (East Coast, Oystermen to name but a few), along with other spirits to tempt your palate.
In the soft drink sector, the innovative Shaken Udder have come up with new dairy free shakes ‘Shaken Other’ for our customers who are lactose you must not forget Shaken Udder milkshakes!! They keep innovating and now have some terrific dairy free products (“Shaken Other”) products for the lactose intolerant.

And… finally, we are really pleased to be working with Nigel at Secret Hamper (www.secrethamper.com). This partnership enables you to hand pick your own hamper, include a personal message and send it to whoever you choose (in or out of the area!!).