Fiveways Fruit Farm

Fiveways Fruit Farm has been run by the Mead family since the 1930s and is located in Stanway, near Colchester. David Mead started with apples in the early years, but with the guidance of sons Julian and Alistair, the farm diversified from the 1970’s into other fruits. The farm now grows cherries, plums and asparagus as well as long season strawberries and raspberries. They also produce some excellent apple juice, pressed from their own apples (Cox, Jonagored, and Gala varieties). The business has also recently invested in a new packhouse in Stanway where the Farm Shop is now situated.

The range of fruit includes strawberries, raspberries, cherries and plums, but we are also excited also to be able to offer asparagus which shall be available from early May until mid June. A succession of cold nights in April has been responsible for an unusually late season this year. In order to provide a longer season, many crops are grown under polytene tunnels to bring the harvesting on early. Bee hives are hung from the steel hoops of the tunnels for pollination. If placed on the ground marauding badgers with a sweet tooth can completely trash a hive.