Big Bear Cider

An artisan craft cider producer based in Stisted, Essex. The Big Bear Cider Mill, is named after our founder’s nickname who is as “big as a bear”. In the 60s & 70s Essex orchards were ripped up to mine for gravel, this became known as ‘Essex Gold’. We have regenerated a disused gravel pit into a flourishing orchard, having sustainability at the heart of what we do we are pesticide free and use nature to naturally propagate our orchard. We see the complete journey of our apples as we also can our own cider. Our cider is vegan and naturally gluten free. Drinking apples, sourced locally and packaged in cans is one of, if not the most sustainable alcoholic drinks you can consume. The first of our trees were planted in 2010, we officially formed the company in 2015 after demand grew organically, we are hugely proud of our Essex heritage.