About And Ethos

We set up Saltmarsh Deli because, following the Covid 19 pandemic, so many local food and drink producers along the Essex Saltmarsh Coast suffered due to the closure of restaurants, pubs and the many hospitality events in the area. It is not easy to getlisted in the national supermarkets (you often have to be either very large or have a very strong brand!!), so we decided that we could bring all the great products from the region together and offer them to consumersthrough an online delivery service.The company is a CIC which means it is a “not for profit” enterprise with an aim to channel financial surpluses towards good causes and providing more jobs for local businesses.

Our company ethos is to supply these products to your doorstep at supermarket prices and be as efficient as the national outlets. Our difference will be that these products will be sourced locallyor (if only produced abroad) from local businesses, reducing significantly the food miles often related to so many foodstuffs and improving our carbon footprint. We shall also be contributing to the food security issue, which means that we are less dependent on other countries supplying our needs (see https://www.nationalfoodstrategy.org).

However, with many years of experience in the food industry, we are “foodies” at heart and want to inspire you with the many tasty food and drink products that are made in the area.Whether it is (for example) baked products using wheat grown by local farmers in the high quality Dengie Peninsula, we want to make sure you enjoy the products we supply, and we really appreciate feedback from you(feedback link here).We are also keen to offer products that are produced to a high ethical standard, especially meat where we feel intensive farming practises are starting to cause serious damage to the environment.

Please have a good look at our website. There are many interesting products WHICH YOU WON’T FIND IN YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET. Hence, if you know of a local product, don’t hesitate to ask and we shall endeavour to deliver it to your doorstep.We also aim to be “seasonal” in our approach helping you with some ideas for Christmas (watch out for Secret Hamper products!!) or even providing promotional packages for barbecue season. We won’t be participating in the Chinese New Year unless the chicken can come from Maldon ….……sorry!!